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Program Overview

Healthy Measures is designed to create a healthier environment specifically by reducing HAI occurrences through surface disinfection and hand hygiene. Fewer infectious occurrences lead to a positive improvement in the overall health of your hospital and increased patient satisfaction. 

This results-driven program provides a scorecard based site analysis to establish a baseline from which to measure progress. Then a joint action plan is developed and an implementation process is created with the conscious goal to promote awareness of the importance of proper surface disinfection and hand hygiene. Learn more and put Healthy Measures to work for you today. 

NETWORK is very proud that the training program our representatives complete to participate in Healthy Measures has earned the Seal of Review and Recognition from the Association for the Healthcare Environment (AHE).  AHE's Seal of Review and Recognition Program ensures that the knowledge delivered to NETWORK representatives through the training is rooted in sound professional and evidence-based methodologies, and is aligned with the organization's Practice Guidance for Healthcare Environmental Cleaning. 

The AHE Seal of Review and Recognition is a trademark of AHE, all rights reserved.

The AHE Seal of Review and Recognition has been awarded to the Healthy Measures training program and does not imply AHE approval or endorsement of any product, a process tied to a product or a service mentioned in any material, presentation or content.  The material has been reviewed for technical accuracy only.   AHE is not responsible for improper or inadequate execution of services, processes or procedures.

Three Step Process

A simple three-step process aims to reduce HAI occurrences to zero.

  1. Interviews with key personnel help to determine the current situation and establish targeted goals.
  2. The site survey divides the hospital into similar zones, patient areas, public areas and staff areas. This makes test points easier to identify, manage and assess. Zone specific protocols for surface sanitation and hand hygiene are then applied and monitored to measure progress.
  3. The solution proposal is the final step in which a collaborative plan is determined. Based on scorecard results, suggestions for improvements, a plan of action and implementation are developed. We work with you to help manage the path to success by providing:
    • staff training to instill expertise and sanitary consistency
    • information and education as to best practices and procedures
    • implementation a testing program designed for continuous improvement
    • centralized access to program resources via Web tools

Site Based Approach

Healthy Measures is a comprehensive program that leverages an onsite analysis to help you reduce the number of HAI incidences in your facility. By dividing the environment into related areas or zones, test points are determined to establish benchmarks within the program, before and after implementation.

Surfaces with a high potential for germ transmission are identified and labeled, along with callouts indicating ideal placement of hand sanitization tools to prevent the spread of germs.

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